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What We Do

Planning your family’s financial future is somewhat like putting together a puzzle- all of the pieces must be studied and put in place in order to see the big picture. Each piece of your financial life plays an important part in the accomplishment of your goals and should be evaluated and planned for in order for those goals to become a reality.  For example, your asset allocation and portfolio holdings will be influenced by your retirement plan, your budget, and your risk tolerance; your charitable giving plan will be influenced by your estate plan and your tax situation, etc.  This is why we are so committed to comprehensive wealth management.

Our flat fee covers  all of these comprehensive advisory services.  This allows our clients to feel confident when calling on our team of professionals knowing there is no "clock running".

Our services include:

  • Investment Management - Discover the benefits of professional asset management.
  • Retirement Planning - Charting a course for your retirement destination.
  • Estate Planning - Determining ways to structure how and what your beneficiaries receive.
  • Philanthropic Planning - Helping design your charitable legacy.
  • Risk Management - Preparing for the unexpected.
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