Philanthropic Planning

Helping Design your Charitable Legacy

KFM offers a variety of giving solutions designed to accomplish your charitable goals and objectives. Our goal is to enable our clients to give in tax-smart ways and make a difference with their giving. Some of the vehicles we offer to our clients are through the Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund. These include: donor advised funds, pooled income funds, charitable gift annuities, and charity advised accounts.

Here are just a few of the potential benefits of using one or more of these vehicles in order to give to your favorite charities:

  • Immediate tax deduction
  • No capital gains tax
  • Gifts have the potential to grow
  • The pleasure of a private foundation without the hassle

Donor-Advised Funds

One of the most popular techniques used by our clients to fulfill their charitable intentions is the Donor Advised Fund.  A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity (in our case, the Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund) and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of our clients.  This is an easy-to-establish, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving as an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. 

By making gifts during your peak earning years you are able to realize a current tax deduction at the time your Donor Advised fund is funded, but you can wait to make charitable grants from the fund during your retirement years.*  The money is invested within the options offered, typically mutual funds, and grows tax free until grants are made.  Once you are ready to give and you have chosen your charities, subject to board approval, the fund will review recommendations and make grants from your account.  Once assets are donated they are no longer part of your estate value.

This is only one of many techniques available to do charitable giving, and it is our job to help you find the approach which creates the legacy you desire.


*Gifts made to Raymond James Charitable are irrevocable and the gift cannot be returned. Raymond James Charitable is not an investment or a security. Gifts made to Raymond James Charitable are controlled by the Board. Donors may offer advice to the Board, however the Board is not obligation to follow that advice. Although your charitable contributions are usually fully tax deductible, every individuals tax situation is unique. Before donating to the fund, you may wish to consult your attorney or accountant with respect to questions about your tax liability. Raymond James Charitable must grant to operating charities at least 5% of its average net assets on a five-fiscal-year rolling basis. Since the purpose of Raymond James Charitable is to promote philanthropy by seeking charitable contributions that can be used to support qualified organizations, Raymond James Charitable expects that its grant distributions will exceed that level. However, if that level of grant activity is not attained, Raymond James Charitable will identify the named accounts from which grants over the same five-year period totaled less than 5% of each account’s average assets. Raymond James Charitable will then contact the Donor Advisor of these accounts to request that they recommend grants of at least this amount. If a Donor Advisor does not provide qualified Grant Recommendations within 60 days of such request, Raymond James Charitable reserves the right to transfer up to 5% of assets from the Donor Advisor’s named account to Raymond James Charitable's General Account for discretionary grant making.

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