Retirement Planning

Planning and Managing Retirement 

Providing for retirement is the single most important long-term financial goal most of us will ever face. Because we are living longer, retirement can last 20-30 years. Due to the overwhelming complexity of retirement planning, the majority of people will turn to financial professionals as they approach retirement. With growing anxiety over the availability of Social Security and diminishing corporate-sponsored pension plan benefits, there is a pressing need to take charge and adequately prepare for your retirement.

Our Retirement Planning Begins with You

Retirement income replacement services at KFM include planning, implementing and monitoring a retirement strategy that is built on your risk tolerance, values, and views of retirement.

  • Planning: gathering financial information, establishing spending and legacy goals, calculating the optimal Social Security collection strategy, developing projections to determine the probability of sustaining income throughout retirement at desired levels.
  • Implementing:  establishing a withdrawal strategy, or replacement "paycheck", which fits your retirement lifestyle and needs.
  • Monitoring: assessing your progress versus the plan. We provide clients with quarterly performance reports as well as annual reviews in order to assess the sustainability of the income plan. Plans which are not monitored can result in gaps between financial resources and spending.

The ability to generate and implement a successful retirement strategy is much easier when done using analytical tools, but personal knowledge of you and your unique situation is our most important input.

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