Risk Management

Preparing for the Unexpected

Because insurance protects us from the unexpected, it plays a crucial role in financial planning. At KFM, we offer services to help you mitigate risks that could be financially catastrophic. Some of the risk management tools at our disposal include life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuities.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be a valuable tool in financial planning, from the most obvious use of providing financial security for family members, to less obvious uses for estate planning and charitable giving. We are able to offer comparisons of life insurance products from a wide variety of insurance companies and products. We also have the ability to offer in depth analysis of existing life insurance policies in order to help identity any gaps in coverage that might exist or explore ways to reduce costs.

Long Term Care Insurance

As life expectancies lengthen and costs of medical care rise, it is important for clients to consider what would happen to the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate over the years should they need long-term care due to a prolonged illness or disability. We work with clients to help identify the long term care strategy that best complements their current retirement and estate plans.


Since so few employers today offer defined benefit pension plans, we are finding that annuities, as part of a diversified portfolio, can potentially play a role in providing a cushion of a dependable stream of income. In addition to helping determine when an annuity is a fit for clients, we also have the ability to evaluate the fees, riders, and performance of clients' current contracts and help identify additional features which might be used to add value.

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