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Working With Us

When initiating a new relationship it is our goal to have a consistent and repeatable process that includes the following:

Discover - We ask questions that reveal your core concerns and issues, your values, interests, goals, previous experiences with investing and money.  We want to know as much as we can about your background, your business and personal situation, prior to beginning our official engagement.

Diagnose - By asking the right questions and getting to know you, we can then work together to identify and prioritize your financial goals, as well as reveal the financial risks to which you are exposed.  Once your targets are identified we can then design strategies for hitting those targets.

Design -  Using these inputs you give us, together with our diagnostic tools, we design both a big picture plan which includes an interactive Financial Plan and a customized Investment Policy Statement.  Your Investment Policy Statement is invaluable for setting realistic goals, clarifying expectations, and providing documentation of what we have mutually agreed upon.  As your goals are set and progress is made towards achieving them, you should gain a greater sense of confidence that each part of your financial life is in tune with your needs and objectives. Rather than produce a 1,000 page plan that will be obsolete in a year, we work together through each component of your wealth management plan on an interactive basis.  The resulting plan is then easily updated and adjusted annually for the changes life brings.

Deliver - Your plan is then delivered and monitored on an ongoing basis.  Your portfolio is managed proactively guided by your Investment Policy Statement.  Your performance is measured quarterly against a benchmark that best fits your chosen asset allocation.  This allows you to be able to measure the likelihood  of reaching your goals.


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